About Us

Crypto DeFi Invest is a company formed by a team of professional crypto traders with expertise in one of the biggest financial markets and disruptive technology of today, the Crypto currencies and Blockchain. Our focus is to provide our investors and affiliates with daily and constant profits in these markets using our expertise and costumed trading algorithms to make consistent profits like the big investment companies by pooling our resources together

Our Goal

Microstrategy and Grayscale are big competitors in our industry but only work with accredited investors that is investors with over 1million in assets. This makes it almost impossible for the small average investor to join these market giants and profit from their investing strategy. What we at Crypto DeFi Invest have done is to follow the same strategy of these giant companies but making room for the small and average investor to also benefit from these strategies and also build wealth for them. Together we are stronger. In order for smaller investors to succeed and compete with the giant players, we need to pool our resources together so we can trade as the big investment companies.

Our Vision

To change people’s lives around the world by offering a pioneering business model which creates an open and borderless ecosystem of passive income by investing in a new and disruptive technology Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DeFi Tokens and Ethereum smart contracts.

Our Mission

To offer our Crypto DeFi Investors all around the world a pioneering business model by a collective desire to educate the world about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Whilst providing the means for everyone to apply their newly acquired knowledge into their daily lives and to facilitate our members to experience financial freedom and to achieve their dreams for themselves, their family and their community.